Headache and Migraine Treatment

Want a better quality of life without fear
of headaches and migraines?

If you are tired of having to treat your headache or migraine only after being triggered, then we have a solution for you.

Southwest Ohio Health Partners is the tri-state leader in medication-free treatment of all types of migraine/headache syndromes.

Our treatment can provide you with instant relief from pain. After treatment, your migraine should be far less intense with a shorter duration and could even result in permanent relief.

Our staff of highly trained professionals has performed thousands of procedures with great success. Our experience and skill set is proven effective.

We provide treatment around the globe, annually traveling to countries worldwide.

If you are tired of carrying multiple prescriptions and treating only some of the symptoms, call us today. We are ready to help you start living a life without migraines.

Nutritional Therapy and Exercise & Diet Counseling is also available.